📦 PM Starter Pack

How to get started in product management

1. Getting Started

Learn what capabilities and skills are needed

2. Understanding the Role

Learn what the role is about and map out your potential niche

3.1. Generalist Skills: Technology

Learn how technology works

3.2. Generalist Skills: Analytics

Learn how to analyze data and quantify impact

3.3. Generalist Skills: UX

Learn about UX and the design process

3.4. Generalist Skills: Operations

Learn common process implementation

3.5. Generalist Skills: Strategy

Learn basic strategy frameworks

4. Refining Product Capabilities

Learn how to focus your product capabilities

5. Showing Proof

Learn how to create proof of your capabilities

6. Get on the Market

Learn how to apply a job hunting strategy
PM Starter Pack - Practical guide on how to get started in product management | Product Hunt Embed

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